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Semi Permanent Eyelash Extensions Kit | Eyelash Extensions


I have put together this Do It Yourself Eyelash Extensions Kit for easy application and touch-ups at home.  In less than 30 minutes, you can have long, lush, thick lashes without applying mascara.  The average price for semi permanent eye lashes  in a salon is $300. And of course, there is a touch-up fee for $75 and up.

I have been a Makeup Artist and Hair Designer for the Film and Television Industry for 20 years. According to reports and my personal experience... Aly Michalka, Ashley Tisdale, Healther Hemmens, Lindsay Lohan, J Lo, Paris Hilton, and Madonna…all use semi permanent eyelashes  to enhance their eyes.  I started applying lashes to a variety of actors, to my clients who were business women, models, teenagers, and moms. 

These lashes are separated into “flares” - separate clusters of lashes rather than an individual lash. 
The flare lashes are fast and easy and can last up to 15 days, if properly cared for at home.
Eyelash Extensions Kits can be a special gift for a friend .  Is there a Wedding  coming soon for you or a  relative?  Need a Wedding Shower gift  or Bridal Shower  gift - Eyelash Extension Party, or maybe a Bachelorette Party!   Semi permanent Lash Extensions  are great for special events and vacation too.

This easy, do it yourself, semi permanent, eye lash extensions kit has been put together for you, your friends and relatives so you too can have the... Hollywood Look of Lashes!
 false eyelashes with blue eyeshadow image
actual photo of applied "I Love My Lashes' Artificial Eyelashes


Eyelashes  and why you want them

Regular  strip false eye lashes, usually last only a night or two.  False eyelashes  can stay on up to six weeks.  If you have a  few missing eyelashes or maybe thinning eyelashes, this is a great solution for you.  Individual fake eyelashes make a dramatic difference but the  artificial eyelashes are still very natural looking.  Dying eyelashes will not give you thick  lashes or long lashes. Applying the eyelash extensions kit at home, gives you the convenience of having  long, thick eyelashes anytime you wish.

  False Eyelash and how it is done

You can go to a salon and have an aesthetician apply the  fake eyelashes, or you can apply the eyelashes, yourself.  The semi permanent eyelashes are applied with a non-irritating  eyelash glue or adhesive.  A full set of individual fake eyelashes requires 40 to 50 false eyelashes.   In our eyelash extensions kit, a full set of false lashes will have 10-12 flare lashes or lash clusters.  You cannot see or feel the fake eyelash.

Long Eyelashes and how long it takes

  Individual fake eyelashes  in a salon, will take 90 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the number of false eyelashes and the speed of the technician.  Our semi permanent eyelashes  will take you approximately 30 minutes to apply at home.

Eyelash Glue and how long they last

Salon  fake  eyelashes will last six to eight weeks, before they start to fall out.  Sometimes your own eyelashes will fall out even sooner.  Our false eyelashes  will last up to 15 days.  But the convenience of applying the eyelash extensions at home, means you can add an additional false eyelash anytime.  No appointment, no waiting, no fees!  It’s that simple.

Individual Fake Eyelashes and are they safe

Many salon eyelash glue contain dangerous chemicals such as Formaldehyde.  Other salons have eyelashes glue or adhesives that contain Cyano Acrylate (which is crazy glue).  The  semi permanent eyelash glue can be  hard to remove and eventually you will pull your own eyelashes off.  Our special eyelash adhesive has no Formaldehyde or Cyano Acrylate.  Our special false eyelash glue or adhesive can be removed without harming your own lashes.

Fake Eyelashes and how to remove them

At a salon, the aesthetician uses solvent to break down the eyelash glue bonds.  To remove the  false eyelashes, at home, you will only need to saturate them in a rich, oil substance such as mineral oil or baby oil.  The  artificial eyelashes will slide off easily and not harm or pull out your own eyelashes.

Artificial Eyelashes and how often will I need a touch-up

A salon will book an appointment with an aesthetician for a touch-up.  Depending on how busy they are,  an eyelash extensions touch-up could take a week or two  to get in.  The fees for an  touch-up will be around  $70  per visit and will take up to 60 minutes, depending on how many eyelashes have fallen off.  Our  semi permanent eyelashes extensions kit contains 120 flare lashes.  With this  kit, you could put on 4 full sets of eyelashes and have  24 extra flare lashes for a touch-up.  If only one flare eyelash comes off,  you can replace the eyelash flare immediately yourself.  You are in control.

Do it yourself Extensions and can my friend put them on for me

Our, do it yourself, at home, eyelash extensions kit, can be apply by you or a friend.  Our  artificial long eyelashes comes with complete instructions for you or a friend to apply.   Have an  false eyelash party.  This  false eye lashes kit makes a great gift for a bride to be.  Have a Bachelorette party with  eyelash extensions.  Semi permanent,  false eyelash extensions kit are great for a Wedding Shower  gift or a Bridal Shower gift, too.  Having a birthday or special event coming up -  put on your  long eyelashes!   Are you planning a vacation?  Don’t forget to bring your eyelashes glue and extensions.  It's a great gift idea !  gift for her!  holiday gift!   

At Home, Long  Eyelashes Kit and where do I find them?

Many local salons offer the service of eyelash extensions.  Individual fake eyelashes kit can now be purchased online.  Beware of professional eyelash kits selling online.  These  professional false eyelash extensions kits are designed for  aetheticians only.  They will be dificult to apply to your own eyelashes.    I Love My Lashes,  false eyelash  kit  is designed for you to apply semi permanent eyelashes to yourself, easily and quickly, at home.

Thinning eyelashes / Missing eyelashes

 Some of you may be losing eyelashes, or thinning eyelashes.  Or maybe you are missing eyelashes.  Now you can fill in your lashes at home.   Just glue on a few eye lashes where you need the extra length or thickness.  It's just that easy!

Looking for affordable  semi permanent eyelashes?

Looking for convenient  artificial eyelashes? 

Looking  for lush, long eyelashes?

Do It Yourself, At Home, Eyelash Extensions Kit from I Love My Lashes


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