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Q&A Semi permanent Eyelashes


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Frequently asked Questions about individual fake eyelashes

 How long will my false eye lashes extensions  stay on?   Our  eye lash flares are semi-permanent and will last up to 15 days if applied properly.  Be gentle to them.  If you are losing eyelashes or if one lash flare falls out, replace it with another lash flare,  It's that easy.

Can I wear mascara on top of the false lashes?    It is best not to have anything applied on top of the lash extensions. They may loosen or bend out of shape.

How do I clean my semi permanent long eyelashes?   A Q-tip with water works great.  Never use oil based cleansers, the lash extensions  will come off .

What do I do if I am losing eyelashes or if one lash flare falls off?  You may not be putting enough eyelash glue on. Go ahead and attach another lash flare in its place. It's that easy

Will I loose any of my own eyelashes?   As long as you don't pull your eyes or lashes, you won't have to worry

How can I remove my eyelash glue?   Just use an oil-based eye makeup remover and gently rub the false eyelashes with a cotton pad.

What can I do if I get eyelash glue in my eyes?   Flush your eyes with water for 15 minutes. If eyes are still iritated, see a physician.

Can I wear eye liner?   Yes, of course.  Just be gentle when using a pencil liner.  Liquid liners and powder liners would be better.

Can I use an eyelash curler on my false eye lashes?   Eye lash curling will make the lash extensions come off.

Does your eyelash glue contain Formaldehyde?   There is no Formaldehyde or Cyano Acrylate (a.k.a. crazy glue) in our  lash adhesive.  Formaldehyde will irritate your eyes.

How long are each of the flare lashes?    There are 2 sets of eyelashes in the  Artificial Eyelashes kit;  the short flare lashes are 10mm (1/4 inch) and the medium flare lashes are 12mm (3/8 inch).

If I find the fake eyelashes are too long, what can I do?   There are scissors included in your Eyelash Extensions Kit.  The individual fake eyelashes can easily be trimmed before you attach the flare lash, or you can have a friend trim the long eyelashes after you have applied them.

I am losing eyelashes - what can I do?  If you are losing eyelashes when fake eyelashes are attached, then you may be using a brand of glue that is too strong.  You may also be pulling eyelashes out everytime you rub your eyes.  Be gentle with your eyelashes.

Dyeing eyelashes - do I need to?  It is not necessary, since dyeing eyelashes does not change the color of the fake eyelashes.  But you can dye your own eye lashes first if they are blonde. That would give an overall darker and thicker appearance to your eyes. Our eyelashes are black and the eyelash glue is also black.

 I am pulling eyelashes out - can I replace them with fake eyelashes?  The false eyelashes are individual clusters that need to be attached to you own lashes.  The eyelash glue is a hair bonding glue.  The glue will not adhere to your skin only to your own lash.  If you are pulling eyelashes out in clumps, you may not be able to glue on fake eyelashes.  You will have to use the strip false eyelashes, since they attach to you upper eye lid skin.

Can I put eyelash flares on my bottom lashes?  Yes, of course!  Use the short flare lashes.  Glue the eye lash flare with a small amount of adhesive, so then they won't look clumpy. You will probably need 5 - 7 flare lashes attached.

Can I use this glue on the individual lashes as well? The glue works well on the flare lashes and on the strip lashes. Our glue would not be strong enough to hold the individual lashes.


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